Choosing the Right Paint Color

You’ve decided to paint your house, you’re excited and ready for the change, but, how do you know you are choosing the right paint color??

Choosing a color is a big commitment, you have to be happy with it no matter the time of day or the lighting of the room. You have to make sure that you will love it just as much on a bright summer day as you do on a dark winter night. It can be overwhelming and just the thought can keep some people from deciding to paint their home. We have some easy tips to help you make this big commitment and be happy for years to come!

Where Do You Even Start?

When choosing the right paint color, it is easier to start by figuring out the decor in a room. Decide what furniture, rugs, or accent pieces you will be using in a particular room. By starting with the decor, you now have a color palette that will be able to use to point you in the direction of the perfect wall color. Find inspiration in your favorite pieces, maybe a picture that has colors you want to accent or a rug that gives you multiple shades to choose from. It is easier to pick a wall color to match your decor than to pick decor to match a wall color.

Still Not Sure What Color to Choose…

A great place to look for inspiration is Pinterest. Pinterest has a wealth of resources to help you narrow down your options to the perfect color! Search for color palettes based off colors you like and see what you can find. Want to see some of our favorite color palettes? Check out our Pinterest page and see where we find our inspiration!

You’ve Decided on a Color, Now What?

Congratulations! You took the first step and decided on a color. Now, head to your local paint store and grab yourself color swatches in the color that you like. It’s best to grab swatches in a few shades darker and lighter to compare. The fluorescent lighting in the store is not going to allow you to see the true color, take them home and see how they look in your lighting in your home. You may be able to eliminate some right away, but you may be surprised with how different the colors look when you take them out o the harsh lighting.

How Do You Narrow It Down to the ONE???

You’ve narrowed it down to your favorite one or two colors but you just can’t decide. How do you know if you have found the ONE??? First, you want to look at the colors one at a time. While the paint strips at the store are great to start your decision making process, they can make it harder when you are trying to focus on just one of the colors. See if your paint store has a swatch of the individual color, if not break out your scissors and cut out the colors that you don’t want.

You want to make sure that you look at the color in different lighting, look at it in the morning in the natural light that will be in the room as well as the lighting in the evening when you turn on lamps or hallway lights. There is nothing worse than painting a room and loving it during the day but when the sun goes down, finding that it is too dark or just not the color you fell in love with.

Most paint stores or hardware stores offer paint samples that they can tint to your desired paint color. These can be helpful in letting you paint a patch on your walls and being able to see the color in the space you plan on painting. The best way to use these paint samples is to paint a patch next to a window or your trim vs painting a patch in the middle of your wall. This will give you a more accurate idea of how the paint will look in the room.


You Have Chosen Your Paint Color! Now what sheen do you use for the room you are painting?? Read our blog on how to make sure you pick the right one!!!

How to Choose the Right Paint Finish


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