How to Choose the Right Paint Finish

You have chosen the perfect color to paint your home’s interior but how do you decide the right finish for your paint? There are 4 main Paint Finishes and depending on the project you are looking to complete, each finish has it’s benefits and disadvantages. Today we are going to breakdown each finish and where you should use them for the best finished painting job.


Flat (also known as Matte) Paint has a matte, low luster finish. It is a good paint to hide imperfections in walls but it is very difficult to clean, any surface cleaning will remove some of the paint as well. Flat paint has the most pigment and will provide you with the most coverage.

Recommended For: Areas that will not have to withstand lots of wear or tear such a ceilings or areas that have a lot of imperfections that cannot be repaired.


Eggshell will still give you a Matte Finish but will have more of a shine than a Flat/Matte Paint. This finish will be much easier to clean but if you have small imperfections in your walls, it will not hide them as well. With an eggshell finish you can expect to get a medium durability from your paint.

Recommended For: Areas that do not have to withstand High Traffic Regularly such as Living or Dining Rooms.


Satin Finishes will give you more of a glossy, velvety finish as it reflects a greater level of light. Your final paint job will be smooth and attractive. Satin Finishes will not hide imperfections and if not applied correctly, you will be able to see roller marks and brush strokes in the finished paint job. A Satin paint will be easy to clean.

Recommended For: High Traffics Areas that may need more cleaning than other areas, such as hallways, kids rooms, and family rooms.

Semi Gloss

Semi Gloss Paints are Highly Durable and very easy to clean. This finish is highly reflective and will give you a Glossy Finish. Semi Gloss Paints will highlight any imperfections on your walls so it is imperative walls are prepped properly before applications.

Recommended For: High Traffic Areas that tend to need more cleaning such a Kitchens, Bathroom, as well as Trim and Baseboards.

Choosing the right Finish for your paint job is equally as important as picking that perfect color. Make sure you choose the right finish for the area you are paining so that your paint job not only lasts a long time but also looks great as well. Questions on the perfect finish for your painting project? We can help!

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