Avoid Hiring a “Cheap Contractor!”

When you decide to have work completed on your home and hire a contractor, it is a big decision! Do not be fooled by contractors who lure you in with Cheap Prices. A Cheap Contractor can cost you in more ways than one! Before you sign on the dotted line and pay a deposit to... Continue Reading →

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On behalf of North Pointe Painting, we personally want to convey to you how humbled we are by your continued support during a time of unprecedented challenges relating to COVID-19. Like you, we are deeply concerned for not only the well being of our families, but also our staff and customers. We want to assure... Continue Reading →

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Choosing the Right Paint Color

You’ve decided to paint your house, you’re excited and ready for the change, but, how do you know you are choosing the right paint color?? Choosing a color is a big commitment, you have to be happy with it no matter the time of day or the lighting of the room. You have to make... Continue Reading →

Choosing a Great Siding, What way to go?

Cedar Siding vs. Fiber Cement Siding January 26, 2021 northpointepainting.com As you consider a home exterior siding project, you might be consider two fine options. Cedar siding or Fiber Cement Siding. But which siding is best for you? While both siding materials have their benefits, you’ll want to weigh each option against your specific needs... Continue Reading →

How Paint Can Keep Your Family Healthy

Are you looking for a great new way to keep you and your family healthy? Washing hands, using sanitizers, and disinfecting surfaces in your home are all great ways to keep your family healthy. But, what if there was more that you could do to continuously keep your family healthy? No matter how hard you... Continue Reading →

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