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Various paint colors can help the body heal itself. For example, red can often help depressed people regain vigor, while green has been shown to relieve stress.

Paint colors can also affect your mood. Cool tones invoke feelings of calm, peace and happiness. Warmer tones can provoke feelings of anger or energy.


Do you need some help picking the perfect color? HGTV has 15 great tips and tricks to help you out!

The color purple was once associated with royalty. At one time, only aristocrats could afford the expensive pigment. During Roman times, it took 4 million crushed mollusk shells to create one pound of purple pigment!!!

Throughout history a red front door has symbolized many things, from a safe place for travelers to stop for the night to having a fully paid mortgage.

Good morning, Arugula! This bright, deep green is sure to please! Arugula by Sherwin Williams.

Today’s color of the day is Rookwood Blue Green.

Where would you use Rookwood Blue Green?

Rosemary by Sherwin Williams is extremely versatile, it works perfectly anywhere from your entire exterior to your kitchen, laundry room to bedroom!

SW 6187

Charcoal Blue is the color of the day! Charcoal blue is a deep blue-gray. Isn’t it gorgeous!?

Navy blue paint colors are classic and elegant!
Sherwin Williams Dress Blues SW9176

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