What to Know When Your Considering Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Deciding to paint the exterior of your home is a big commitment of both your time and finances. We know that when you make this commitment, it is important that you get the most of your investment. We want you to trust that when you hire North Pointe Painting for your exterior painting project, you will get a quality paint job that will last! From the first meeting with your Painter to the final walkthrough, here are some tips and tricks to make sure you get the most out of your money!

What to Expect from your Estimate

When your estimator comes out to look at your home, they will walk the outside and take pictures of your home. They will look for any damage to the siding and trim that would need repairing or replacing that they can see from the ground. They will also inspect the caulking around doors and windows. The estimator should spend a decent amount of time looking at the exterior of your home so that they can give you as accurate of a price estimate as possible. This is a good time to voice any concerns you may have about your home’s exterior and ask any questions about the company and their process.

What to Expect from Your Written Proposal

After your contractor comes out to look at your project, they will send you a written proposal that details the scope of the work that they will be doing. When you receive this proposal, you will want to make sure that the work is detailed and broken down so you know exactly what you are paying for. Things to look for on your proposal include,

  • You want to makes sure that your exterior surfaces that are being painted will be power washed to remove any dirt/debris on the surface of the home. Once Power washing is completed, the wood siding and trim should be reinspected to make sure that there are no additional rotten areas that may have been hiding under layers of paint unable to be seen in the initial walkthrough.
  • All prep work should be detailed, you will want to make sure that they will be repairing/replacing any rotted wood, that they will scrape any paint that is peeling as well as sand any rough areas to ensure a sound surface. The estimate should also include caulking and re-nailing any boards as necessary.
  • Spot priming is necessary but priming the whole exterior area is usually not. You should expect that spot priming will be done on any areas where bare wood is exposed.
  • Paint. This seems obvious, but, you want to make sure that the type of paint that will be used is specified to ensure the contractor is using a high quality product that will last.
  • A legitimate company will offer a warranty on their work. The warranty should be spelled out clearly in the proposal and any exclusions should be noted.

Some proposals may include more than what is listed above, but, you never want the proposal to include less. If you have questions on anything that is stated in the proposal, just ask! You need to look at your Painting Contractor as a professional and trust that they will address any questions or concerns you may have!

It’s Time to Start Painting!

You chose your Painting Contractor and signed your contract, now it’s time to paint! Living in the Midwest, we can only do exterior painting projects when the weather permits. Most years our exterior season will run from late April to Mid-November. Some years the rainy season last longer or the winter snow starts falling earlier, these factors are completely out of the control of your Contractor… but, unfortunately will impact the timing of your project. Your Contractor should be in touch with you to let you know when they expect your job to be completed, just keep in mind, the timeframe may change depending on Mother Nature. If you have a deadline for your project always make sure to discuss this prior to signing your contract and get it in writing. This will make it clear for yourself as well as the contractor and ensure your timeframes are met.

Once your contractor arrives on your job, they will begin prepping your home. They will start by power washing the home to remove any dirt or debris from the surface. They will then repair or replace any wood that is rotted.

Once the surface of your home is prepped and ready, they will cover any areas that are not getting painted, such as windows and doors, to protect from paint drips and overspray. They will also protect your landscaping by covering borders around your home with drop cloths.

Once the area is properly prepped, they will begin applying the paint. There are many ways to apply paint, you want to make sure your contractor is familiar with spraying, brushing, and rolling. Most homes will require all of these techniques to be used.

There is no average time frame for painting an exterior, it depends greatly on how big the project is. A project that has more wood replacement will take longer, if you are changing colors on your exterior and an additional coat is required to get the color right this will add time as well.

What to Expect Once Your Project is Complete

It’s the day you have been waiting for, your project is finally finished and you can step back and take a look at your gorgeous “new” home!

Once the painting on your home is finished, you can expect that the area will be cleaned and returned to it’s “Pre-Job” conditions. All drop cloths should be removed, landscaping should be in tact, masking tape and paper should be taken down, and any debris from the contractor should be cleaned up and disposed of properly.

Finally, you will want to walk the home and make sure that you are completely happy with the work done before the Contractor leaves the site. Most times, there will be a job foreman that will be present to walk the job with you or your sales representative to address any concerns that you have. Once you are completely satisfied your home is returned to you to enjoy for many years to come! Customer referrals are our biggest compliment so we would encourage you if you are happy with your job please share that with others. We are online at Google, Yelp, Facebook and more to leave a review. We will reach out to you within a few days of competition to make sure you are still satisfied and to send you the online links to leave your review.


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