How Do I Prepare My Home to be Painted?

Congratulations!! You decided to get your home painted by North Pointe Painting. You have chosen the best in the industry to complete the job! We can’t wait to get started on your interior painting project! But first, there are a few things we will need for you to do before we can get started!

1. For all Interior Projects please make sure that all fixtures are removed from walls to be painted and that all furniture is moved at least one body length away from the walls.

2. For larger furniture you need help moving, please remove all breakables from shelving prior to your crew arriving.

3. Bathrooms and kitchens should have all countertops cleared for accessibility to the walls. No need to worry about refrigerators and stoves, they will be moved for you by your paint crew.

4. Blinds and switch plate covers will also be removed by your paint crew and re-installed upon completion unless otherwise discussed or stated in your contract.

5. Pictures and Artwork will need to be removed from the wall as well. If you plan to rehang your picture/artwork, leave the nail in the wall. If you do not plan to rehang your artwork, you can remove the nail and we will fill in the hole.

You may think of other questions like how long will it take or the order in which rooms will be painted within your home. We are always happy to help answer any additional questions you may have and we look forward to starting your painting project soon!

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