On behalf of North Pointe Painting, we personally want to convey to you how humbled we are by your continued support during a time of unprecedented challenges relating to COVID-19.

Like you, we are deeply concerned for not only the well being of our families, but also our staff and customers. We want to assure you we are taking all necessary precautions to keep everyone in our community safe and healthy.

Currently, there have been no cases of COVID-19 amongst our staff or their families, there has also been no known exposure at this time.
We are exceedingly grateful to have a healthy staff and want to continue to maintain a healthy and safe environment for them to work in.

We will continue to revise our business plan and make any necessary adjustments as we learn more or more guidelines for businesses operations are given.

Beginning Monday, March 16, we will begin implementing the following procedures:

Virtual/ Video Estimates: As an alternative to the traditional in-person Estimate Appointment, any customers who are interested in receiving a quote for an interior painting project will be able to submit their project specifications via email or reserve an appointment time to meet with an estimator over FaceTime. This will minimize Face-to-Face contact but will allow our estimators to continue providing quotes as needed.

Staff Wellness Checks: We have provided our staff with the documentation that details signs and symptoms of COVID-19. We are conducting wellness check-ins with our staff to ensure that they are not exhibiting any symptoms of the virus and that they have not been exposed to the virus. We will also provide hand cleaning and sanitizing supplies to our staff. Any staff that is exhibiting symptoms or has knowingly been exposed will adhere to the necessary quarantine procedures and will no longer be in contact with office staff or customers.

Customer Wellness Checks: We will be checking in with our customers who are on our schedule currently to make sure that all members of their family are healthy and not exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19. We will work with any customers who have previously awarded us their jobs to reschedule and accommodate their needs during this time. If necessary we will cancel any projects that we feel put our staff at risk.

Job Safety: Our Crews will continue to follow best practices to keep all job sites safe and mitigate the spread of any contaminants. This will include wearing masks and gloves as needed, ventilating workspaces to provide appropriate airflow, and minimizing contact with customers to keep within the 6’ social distancing guidelines. Our crews will also be kept to a maximum of 2-3 painters. At this time, we will be suspending the age old tradition of a good firm handshake, while we believe handshakes are an essential part of business, we recognize that for safety purposes it is a necessary tradition to forego for the time being.

We THANK YOU for your continued support during these trying times and look forward to continuing to serve you safely and efficiently!


The Team at North Pointe Painting


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