When is the Best Time to Paint Your Home Exterior?

Like most professional painting companies, we are eager to get our season started as soon as the weather starts to warm up in March and we will keep painting until the dreaded cold of November starts to creep in. With such a limited window, many homeowners are ready to get on the schedule and get their homes painted and looking good, but I s there a time of year that is better for painting your home’s exterior? We breakdown the seasons and reasons for painting your home’s exterior.


Living in Michigan, as soon as the snow starts to melt and air gets a little warmer, we are ready to get outside and see the sunshine after months of being inside. While we want to get outside and start painting as soon as that first nice day hits, there are many factors we have to take into account before we load up our vans and head out to your house. Spring is notorious for rain and damp weather conditions. These conditions are poor for painting because they do not allow the paint to cure properly. Moisture is one of the biggest culprits of a failed paint job. It is imperative that we gauge the weather correctly and make sure that we give your home enough time to dry before your new paint is exposed to any rain or excessive moisture.


Summertime offers the most ideal conditions for painting and you will start to see our North Pointe Painting Vehicles out in the roads and our crews on ladders! However, even summer has some days that are less than ideal for painting. In the dead of summer when days can reach over 100 degrees, paint can dry to quickly and cause the finish on your home to crack and be less than perfect. You also get days here in Michigan where the humidity can reach close to 100% making the air too moist to provide the best finish on your home’s exterior. Fortunately we find that these days are few and far between and less impactful on our scheduling for the summer months!


Fall provides consistent temperatures from morning to night with less fluctuation between high and lows temps. This consistency allows paint the opportunity to cure and give your home the best possible finish. The weather is getting cooler and eventually temps will drop too low and we will have to pull our crews inside, but while temps are warm during the day and cool at night, we will continue to paint exteriors knowing that you will still be getting a superior paint job.


One factor that we can never predict is the rain in Michigan. Some years rainy season starts in late March and ends in Early May, giving us at least 5 months of perfect weather for painting exteriors. Some years though, the rain comes in March and stays until late June. While we are eager to get out and get your painting job completed, we will never compromise our integrity of our work or the quality of the job that you receive. Our scheduling professionals have become masters at watching the weather patterns and easing the radar. We will never take a risk and start a job if we know rain could end up being a problem.

We hope that this information gives you a glimpse into how we schedule and perform our exterior painting schedule based on the weather! If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding weather and exterior painting, please don’t hesitate to ask us! We love to help!


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