5 Things To Consider When Selecting A Professional Painting Company

If you are looking to hire a painting for your property whether residential or commercial there are a few things you should consider first.


Opt for a painting company that is revered for quite some time for the excellent work they do. Check out their references and seek online recommendations/reviews. Ask to see some of their past work or ask a friend and see whether or not they have heard of or used this company in the past. North Pointe Painting is pleased to say that over 35% of our work is either repeat customers or referrals from past customers. There is no greater compliment you can give then to refer our company to your friends, family, neighbors or coworkers!

Choose the expert per your work—

When you are in need to refinish a bathtub, or your roofing, garage door etc, you would hire an expert in that field. Make sure the company that you are looking to hire specializes in the work that you need done. It is OK to offer multiple services that coincide with one another but a company who says they are a jack of all trades will not take proper care of your job the way a painting and carpentry expert well.

Check the behaviour—

It is important to check whether the behaviour of the painters is amiable towards their customers. Often online complaints are launched for the rash behavior of the service provider, particularly their incompetent attitude during the post-sales period. Or how they deal with a complaint towards their work. You should not pay until you are happy but will your critique be welcomed? Ask around and Find out how the company behaves even after the deal is over. If you are worried about the demeanor of your sales representative before the job is awarded run and run fast.

Scan the reviews—

From the reviews, you can know more about the attitude of the service provider. Along with that, the previous clients also share their experiences and often before and after pictures. If you find the reviews satisfactory, look for a good deal. If majority of the reviews say negative about the company, that means, there must have been some issues with the painting company. In such cases, avoid dealing with such a service provider.

Ask for secret costs—

When it comes to costs and payments, maintaining 100% transparency is expected. Talk to the painter freely about his charges or what his company demands for the job you have. Make sure that there is no other hidden cost as taxes etc. Otherwise, it can create further complications.

Are they licensed and insured? –

As of March 28, 2019 the State of Michigan no longer requires residential painting contractors to be licensed. However, having a license for painting and alteration maintenance or holding your Builders license is a sign that the company takes their profession seriously and is striving to meet the highest standards in performance for their industry. Never fear North Pointe Painting & Carpentry holds it’s builders license in high esteem and plans to continue renewing this license regardless of the change in requirement for licensure. We are also fully insured up to $1 million for each incident. Check and make sure your other painting contractors are reputable enough to do the same.

For more information check out our website online at http://www.NorthPointePainting.com


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